Donna Malone helped me after 2 other trainers gave up on my dog Axel. On our first meeting, she taught him to go get in his bed simply by staring at it and not saying a word. The entire process took less than half an hour. If I hadn’t been sitting in the room I never would have believed it. She is amazing and has a honest love for dogs that you can feel just by being in the room with her.

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Donna invests much time and energy in trying to understand each dog and each case thoroughly. She had me complete loads of paperwork explaining my situation. She also took the time to watch multiple videos multiple times so she could analyze every bit of Axel’s behavior. She seems to understand dogs better than I understand people.

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Donna’s help doesn’t end when training sessions are over. She is always accessible through calls or texts. She graciously talks me though all situations. She also frequently checks in and asks for progress reports. I truly feel that Donna is invested in Axel for the rest of his life. I wholeheartedly believe that Donna Malone is the best advocate and trainer any dog could ever have.

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